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Hours and Attendance

Denfeld Student Absence Reporting Form 

The form can be used to report a full day absence or when your student has an appointment during the school day.

Attendance Procedures and Information

When a student is absent for any reason, the parent or guardian is required notify the school by 11a.m. Failure to notify the school by phone or with a written explanation of your child’s absence or using the form above will result in an unexcused absence.

Duluth School Board policy #5025 outlines the reasons for excused absences.  They are:

  • Sickness of pupil.
  • Sickness in the immediate family of pupil.
  • Danger of imprudent exposure to illness.
  • Medical or dental treatment.
  • Death in the immediate family.
  • Religious/spiritual days kept sacred by the pupil when religious/spiritual services are observed only during school hours.
  • Subpoenas for testimony in court or quasi-judicial hearings.
  • School-sponsored activities.
  • Important events requiring student participation, such as state or national contests, tournaments, concerts, or performances. To be excused, advance notification is required.
  • Temporary absence from the city upon personal request of the parent/guardian provided the request was made in advance or was of an emergency nature.
  • Other reasons verified by the parent/guardian and mutually acceptable to both the parent/guardian and building administration.

Why is Attendance Important?

Regular attendance is an extremely important requirement for all students.  There are many reasons why good attendance is important.  Here are four:

  1. Good attendance is a part of your permanent record and of genuine concern to any future employer.
  2. If you are not present for classroom activities, it is difficult to "make up" important daily activities and experiences.
  3. Many studies have shown that time spent on task within classes greatly increase the amount of learning that takes place.
  4. It is the law!  Every child between seven and sixteen years of age is required to be enrolled in school. 


Regular Daily Schedule

Zero Hour: 8:00 – 8:49

Period 1: 8:54 - 9:43

Period 2: 9:48 - 10:37

WIN: 10:42  - 11:13

Period 3: 11:18 – 12:07

Maroon Lunch: 12:12 – 12:42
Maroon Period 4: 12:47 - 1:36     

Gold Period 4: 12:12 - 1:01
Gold Lunch: 1:06 – 1:36

Period 5: 1:41 – 2:30

Period 6: 2:35 – 3:24

AM Assembly Schedule

Zero Hour: 8:00 – 8:49

Period 1: 8:54 – 9:34

Period 2: 9:39 – 10:19

Assembly: 10:24 – 11:13

Period 3: 11:28 – 12:07

Periods 4-6: Regular Schedule

PM Assembly Schedule

Periods 0-4: Regular Schedule

Assembly: 1:41 – 2:30

Period 5: 2:35 – 2:57

Period 6: 3:02 – 3:24